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Survey and Fitting

Survey & Fitting

Once you've decided to have a veranda, glass room or carport from us, the next step is for us to do a survey.

What does a survey involve?

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Our surveyor will cover all aspects of your proposed build. They know exactly what to check for, such as drains, and height restrictions. Their expertise will also enable us to take account of features such as a patio or paving that we can lift and then put pads underneath to ensure safe and secure fitting of your veranda, glass room or carport - without ruining the look of your garden/outdoor space.

At this stage, we can also finetune our design on aspects such as the disposal of rain water, whether that's to a soakaway - or to a water butt if required (which may involve additional costs but we'd keep you fully informed of these).

We'll arrange the survey at a time that's convenient for both you and the surveyor. It's usually within 7-10 days of you requesting one, but we'll get out quicker to you when we can.

Can I change my mind about the design while the surveyor's there?

Yes, you can - it's the ideal time to get exactly what you want.

What about the cost?

A survey costs £250. This is non-refundable once the survey has taken place. If we come to site and then find we can't fit the product, this small fee is all that's taken. The £250 Veranda deposit is fully refunded even if you just change your mind.

The survey is only available as part of our fitting service.

Your financial risk is covered - all deposits are covered by our Homepro Insurance backed guarantee that covers deposits up to 25% of the contract value to a maximum of £10,000 if you've selected that option.

What happens next?

After the survey, we'll email you the final design so that we can confirm it, or any changes with you, before we press the button on production of your veranda, glass room or carport.

The next stage is the delivery of your veranda.

Fitting all part of our monkey tastic service

Your Veranda Monkey veranda, glass room or carport will be fitted by us. That way we can give you the peace of mind of knowing that it's been erected to meet current regulations and to withstand the weather.

Offering you a great customer service is very important to us. All our fitters have been trained on fitting all aspects of aluminium verandas, glass rooms and carports and have attended supplier-based fitting and training courses to support their existing wealth of knowledge. They're also partial to the odd cup of tea.

What about the cost of fitting?

Before you have a survey, we'll tell you what the estimated price for the fitting is. This is usually the final price too but very occasionally, there may be a change in it (for example, if it takes a lot longer than we anticipated) but we'll let you know on that.

How long will it take to fit my veranda, glass room or carport?

We'd expect it to take 1-2 days. We can give you a clearer idea once we've done the survey.

What about any disruption?

We'll keep it to a minimum. Usually, we're only digging out a couple of small pads .Our trained fitters pride themselves on clearing up afterwards, leaving you simply with a beautiful installation.

How long until I get my veranda, glass room or carport delivered?

Once you've signed the order, delivery should be within around 3-4 weeks. We always ring and book the fitters in once we have confirmed delivery

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