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Once you've had your survey , and signed the order, delivery will usually be within around 3-4 weeks if you live on the UK mainland. We'll be in touch with you beforehand to arrange a convenient time.

Your Veranda Monkey product will come on our own transport. Each item in the ancillary pack is laid out and photographed with your name and job identification. The photograph is then attached to the pack so that you can check off each individual item (if you wish). But for most our jobs just counting off the packs and the checking that they are not visibly damaged is good enough.

The delivery teams are friendly and professional and will put the packages in a place that's agreed with you for your convenience, while also bearing in mind the practicalities.

There aren't any surcharges for delivery to Scotland. We also deliver to Northern Ireland - please discuss timescales and costs with us.

We'll then arrange fitting on a date to suit you.

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Our helpful, friendly team are on hand to answer your questions so you can make a decision you're happy with.

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