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Contemporary Alfresco Glass Room

Contemporary Alfresco Glass Room

Simplicity 6 Glassroom

Simplicity 6 Glassroom

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At Veranda Monkey, we are different. With our unique online glass room ordering system, you can get a quote 24/7 (although if you’d prefer to get a free quote by phone, please do call our friendly team).

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Imagine having stylish, flexible space that almost feels like you are outdoors - yet without being affected by the weather. That the beauty of a glass room – opening your home up to the ‘outdoor living, indoors’ experience for dining, entertaining, relaxing and more. The retractable glass sliding doors or fixed glass panels will also enable you to enjoy panoramic views of your garden or wider surroundings while protecting you from the elements.The easy-to-use glass sliding doors are lockable for added security and protection.

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We also offer a unique Bioclimatic Glass Room. Read more about it here.

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